Study Finds Horseback Riding is the Leading Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries

ABC News reported that, “horse riding is the leading cause of sport-related traumatic head injuries,” as written by Gillian Mohney. A study released by the Neurological Focus found that the highest percentage of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) were related to horseback riding. According their research conducted between 2003 and 2012, they found that an astounding 45.2% of adult TBI’s were from equestrian sports. This beats out TBI’s contact sports like football or soccer by a landslide as these sports only account for just 20.2% of TBIs. 

With traumatic head injuries becoming a growing concern in the horse industry, the western discipline of horse riding has developed a NEW! safety standard approved western helmet. The helmet combines the fashion and practicality of a western hat design and can be described as an authentic cowboy hat that comes in a straw or black fur/felt options. The construction of the helmet meets ASTM safety standards and SEI regulations and is specifically designed for equestrian use, while providing maximum protection against possible impacts. The helmet is perfect for every western rider from the seasoned competitive barrel racer to the recreational trail rider.

“This helmet was designed to ASTM standards, assuring safety while providing style,” stated Ross Millar, President of RMG Outfitters. “We worked with the research team to assure leading industry quality and comfort. Our goal was to ensure the features of comfort and fit that western hats give along with the benefits of keeping the sun and elements off your face and protecting your face when riding on trails and outback.”

Amber Marshall, star of Heartland on CBC became involved with the company and idea when she saw the safety benefits of the helmet.

“I am very fortunate to be able to work with horses not only on screen, but in my everyday life as well.” stated Amber. “Horses have been a passion of mine since I was very young and working on the set of Heartland has allowed me to gain a following with the riding community. I have always felt strongly about safety around horses and believe the western world needs to have a greater awareness of protecting ourselves. It is my hope that by combining the western look and the highest safety standards available, this is a no brainer! (no pun intended)!”

The western helmet is available in 2 styles, straw and black fur/felt and fits both men and women that come in sizes extra small to large.

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